Our Services


Greater Perth Lock & Security (GPLS) is a locksmith in Armadale servicing a wide range of clientele, ranging from domestic to commercial to governmental. In addition to our specialty in locksmith services, we also provide closed circuit TV systems and burglar alarm systems to enhance your safety and peace of mind. The safety and satisfaction of our customers are always paramount to our goals, and we place great emphasis on good old fashioned customer service.

Although we provide competitive pricing, we only work with proven security systems that we have thoroughly vetted, so that you don’t have to worry about the quality. We make it a point to respond quickly to your calls and work out a security solution for you that fits your budget and protection needs. If you’ve lost a key and have accidentally locked yourself out of your house, we are but a call away since we are one of the only 24 hour locksmith in Armadale. An emergency locksmith can mean the difference between sleeping in your bed or your car for the night.

Locked Out? Lost your keys? Our Emergency Locksmith Will Be There

Keys are one of the easiest things for us to lose. How many times have your keys slipped out of your pocket while you were pulling out your phone or wallet? No one wants to be stuck outside their house after a long day at work, so we are ready to assist with an on-call, emergency locksmith in Armadale. Our team is equipped and trusted with police issued security licenses as a testament to the quality of our locks and security systems. Whether your keys are locked inside the house or your car, we can do the proper replacements

We are also prepared for more serious incidents such as break-ins. We offer a 24 hour locksmith in Armadale, so you can ask for your locks to be completely reconfigured so that you don’t have to worry about a repeat offence. The old keys that were taken will no longer be useful to a potential burglar thanks to our immediate action. We aim to be at your residence within an hour, and we make sure to authenticate your identity on site as an added layer of protection against fraud.

Upgrade your security in Armadale with our 24 Hour Locksmith

Greater Perth Lock & Security is the premier locksmith in Armadale. Our expansive knowledge of locks makes it easy for us to replace, supply and install all types and brands of locks that you may have around the house. Some of the locks around your house, such as your windows or meter box, may be of inferior quality and undermine the security of your residence, and we’re happy to tell you about stronger, more secure alternatives. Your safety is important to us, and even more so in times of emergency, why not come to us for our 24 hour locksmith services and products?