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We’ve all been there. Just minutes before being late to work, we rush out of the house in a last-ditch attempt to make it on time. In your hurry, you have forgotten many things: your lunch, your identification card and probably some other things, but at least you made it to work on time. You can relax on your drive back home after a long, long day at work. You walk up to your door and find it unlocked. Inside, you find your most precious possessions are gone and your house key, missing from your rush in the morning, is also gone. Your house is open to further burglary, but you can rest assured knowing that you can call a 24 hour locksmith in Canning Vale to come and replace your lock and keys as soon as possible. Not many locksmiths offer this, but Greater Perth Locks & Security wants you to sleep with peace of mind.

Greater Perth Lock and Security is a team of locksmiths and professionals in the security industry. We are family owned and located in Kenwick, Western Australia, servicing the greater Perth area, as demonstrated by our name. Each of our employees is police licensed for locksmithing, holds CCTV and alarm licenses and is knowledgeable in all things locks and security systems. Each home has its special needs regarding security, depending on the location, construction and level of comfort of each owner, and it’s important to establish tailored needs. We take each of our customer’s needs to heart and work with you every step of the way from the first consultation to final installation to make sure that you are informed and comfortable with the process. We are experienced in all aspects of home security, locks, electronic security and closed circuit TV and consider ourselves professionals in each area so that you only have to contact one locksmith in Canning Vale.

Quickest Emergency Locksmith in the Canning Vale area

In our time in the field, we’ve developed a good sense of which security brands are reliable and which ones aren’t. Brands like Bosch, Carbine, and Lockwood are brands that we trust to keep our customers safe at night and their possessions secure throughout the day. If you’ve come home and found that your lock’s been tampered with or shows evidence of a break-in attempt, you can rest assured with our 24 hour locksmith in Canning Vale. Upon calling, one of our emergency locksmiths will arrive within the hour to assess and handle the situation. If needs be, our locksmith will perform a complete replacement of both lock and keys so that you can sleep easy. Our low operating costs make our 24 hour locksmith service affordable for anyone who may be concerned about an exorbitant price tag attached to this kind of convenience. Emergencies happen, and we believe that no one should have to pay more to feel safe, and our emergency locksmith in Canning Vale understand this.

Our 24 Hour Locksmith Will Keep Your House Secure

There is remarkable diversity in the brands and types of locks available to consumers, and we’ve made it a point to have the ability to supply and replace any that you may have. This includes window locks, power locks, electronic door locks and even safes. Get your locks installed once, the right way so that you don’t have to worry about strangers breaking in where they shouldn’t. Trust GPLS as your go to locksmith in Canning Vale.