Locks are an important facet of keeping yourself and your belongings safe from the hands of those you don’t trust. Locks keep burglars out of your house, out of your safe containing important documents and out of your car. Even your windows may have a lock on them. With all locks, there is a matching key that will give you or another trusted person access. The key is just as important as the lock itself; without it, your belongings are just as inaccessible to you as it is to everyone you’re trying to keep out. Sometimes though, you’ll misplace your keys. Other times, someone may break in. That’s when you’ll need to look at a reliable locksmith in Como to keep you safe.

We are Greater Perth Lock & Security, and we are in the business of offering high quality locks and security systems to our clients. In addition to servicing Perth, we extend out to be your chosen emergency locksmith in Como, other suburbs and throughout the metro area. We are a family owned business, and we place our emphasis in creating the ideal customer experience for our clients. We deal with people’s security and their sense of safety, so we take great care in ensuring that ultimately, everyone can feel safer.

Handle Any Situation Using Our Emergency Locksmith

The nature of our work also entails some impromptu customer visits by our 24 hour locksmith in Como to help someone who’s been locked out or has lost their keys. Upon a call to our emergency locksmith in Como, we aim to get them to you within an hour of your call. Our rates are competitive, and our technicians are quick to help you out. As an extra layer of security, our locksmith in Como will ask for authentication to ensure that you are the authorised person to access the site in question. For more urgent situations, we’ll completely reconfigure your locks with security products approved by police standards. These locks will enhance the safe keeping of your home and keep you truly protected, both from intruders and the dangers of inferior quality locks.

As with our residential services, our locksmith in Como have experience in real estate and related divisions as well. In keeping with our commitment to stellar customer service, our locksmiths will always keep our client property managers updated on progress so that they can focus on their tasks. If any locks need replacing, we’ll get a new set for you, no matter what the type or brand. For larger premises, we’re more than happy to provide consultation and quotes telephonically.

Our 24 Hour Locksmith Service Isn’t All We Offer

In addition to our 24 hour locksmith service in Como, we can also provide closed circuit television packages to enhance the security in your area. These cameras have the required resolution to identify vehicles and people for court evidence and are operational in both day and night time settings. Our systems stand out from off-the-shelf-kits. Combined with the power of effective consultation and training, we want to keep your peace of mind intact. So if you’re looking for a trustworthy, expert locksmith in Como, trust GPLS.